Czech Republic, Jun 2-4 2017
Olomouc Airport

Dear pilots, callers, and fans of pylon racing, please allow me to cordially invite you to the city of Olomouc and to our city airport Olomouc – Neředín.

Most of you will know that our city hosted the 2015 F3D World Championship. Looking back on the feedback we received during the World Championship, we consider the event to be very successful and of a good standard.

We agreed with Modelklub Mělník that we will carry the torch of the organisation of a Eurocup style event.

I bow to the modellers and fans from Mělník, and I thank them for the previous 39 amazing events. I also thank them for their willingness to continue in this tradition year on year. Therefore, we agreed that the next, 40th event will be moved to Olomouc and rebranded as the 40th Grand Prix of Czech Republic.

The 40th Grand Prix will be slightly different. As many pilots enjoy more than the F3D category, we would like to invite 15 pilots of the F5D category. We believe it will be a welcome extension to the existing event.

We also participate with Modellers Club Blatná, and we will prepare yet another race that will take place on the weekend following the 40th Grand Prix.

For all of you, who will decide to come and visit the Czech Republic before the World Championship in Sweden; for you we will prepare a good and fair event.

On behalf of the organiser,
Jiří Klein

Dear fans of model sports,

Please accept my cordial invitation to Olomouc. Our city will welcome the jubilee 40th Grand Prix of Czech Republic of Pylon Racing Model Airplanes, under the auspices of aerosport federation FAI. I am convinced that it will be a competition of very high standard and an attractive spectator event.

We perceive hosting of this event not only as an honour and an enrichment of the list of sport events in the year of Olomouc being the European City of Sport, but also as a continuation of a long tradition. Olomouc is a city wedded to the history of aviation. In 1910 the very first airplane in Moravia took off from the Olomouc Airport, with the airplane piloted by Jan Kaspar. Furthermore, the skies above the same airport were soared by your models in the 2015 FAI F3D World Championship in Pylon Racing Model Aircraft.

I realise that model aircraft racing is a highly specialised and difficult sport; and that not everyone can participate in it at your level. However, what I know is that everyone does enjoy the racing. Your beautiful and sophisticated models that perform unbelievable feats under the professional lead of their pilots – that is a show that pleases even the uninitiated.

I wish to all the participants of this jubilee Grand Prix, which is a part of the European Cup, a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in Olomouc, a fair environment and many successes on the field. To the visitors I wish unforgettable experiences. To all, I wish the best possible weather conditions and a pleasant stay in our city, Olomouc.

doc. Mgr. Antonín Staněk, Ph.D.
Mayor of the Statutory City of Olomouc

FAI F3D 40.GRAND PRIX Flying site

The 40. GRAND PRIX will take place at Olomouc Airport, which is located in the vicinity of the city Olomouc, in Czech Republic.

Olomouc Airport is an active airport for small and recreational aircraft, however, for the duration of the GRAND PRIX, all activity will be suspended. For the purposes of the competition, a large smoothgrass field will be used, with tarmac 420×40m landing strip for take-offs and landings.

The flying site will be available for free practice (date to be specified).

GPS Location


Transport & Accommodation

Transport By Road

Olomouc is situated close to motorways D35 (E442) and D46 (E462). The recommended route from Prague is via motorway D1.


  • Brno Airport, approx. 75 km (EU only)
  • Prague Airport, approx. 250 km
  • Vienna Airport (AUT), approx. 170 km
  • Bratislava Airport (SVK), approx. 200 km (EU only)
  • Katowice Airport (POL), approx. 210 km


Olomouc Airport is located approximately 5 km from the city centre. The city and the suburban area surrounding the city provide a variety of hotels, therefore the organising team negotiated discounted prices for the participants and their families.

It is the teams responsibility
to book accommodation in good time.

The organizer will arrange the possibility of camping at the airport site.

Czech Republic in Europe

There are many hotels at various distances from the airport.

We recommend that you book your accommodation in good time.

Following hotels are ranging
from ** to **** and are very cost effective.


Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc ****
F3D-2015 special rate
Jeremenkova 36, CZ - 779 00 Olomouc
show on map »

HOTEL FLORA ***/****
Krapkova 439/34, CZ - 779 00 Olomouc
show on map »

Hotel Hanácký dvůr ***
Selské náměstí 56, CZ - 772 00 Olomouc
show on map »

Best Hotel Garni **
Na Střelnici 343/48, CZ - 779 00 Olomouc
show on map »

ibis Olomouc Center *** - discount 25%
Wolkerova 136/29, CZ - 779 00 Olomouc
show on map »

BEST WESTERN Hotel Prachárna s.r.o. ***
Křelovská 91, CZ - 77900 Olomouc
show on map »

Hotel SENIMO ***
Pasteurova 905/10, CZ - 772 00 Olomouc
show on map »

Hotelový dům Olomouc
Velkomoravská 8, CZ - 779 00 Olomouc
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Useful Informations

Time schedule

1 June 2017(Thursday)

2 June 2017(Friday)
Official Arrival Day, training 16.00 to 20.00 the Model Processing will take place in the Airbar

3 June 2017(Saturday)
Racing day 4 - 5 rounds from 09.00 to 19.00. Banquet at BEST Sportcentrum as 20.00. (Included in entry fees)

4 June 2017(Sunday)
Racing day 1 – 2 rouns, semifinals and finals from 09.00 to 16.00 Departure


All models and material, also during the WCH, can be sent to a central address close to the flying site – 4 km. Jiří Klein sr., is the owner of the company below. This is for the sole purpose of storage before the beginning of the event.


All children below 15 years of age are not required to pay entry (i.e. Supporter) fees. They are also eligible to a free entry to the closing banquet. However, the organisers will require the identity of the children for Health and Safety purposes.



July in Olomouc and Czech Republic usually offers stable weather conditions, with average temperature being 24.5 °C. The average rainfall is 50 mm and the weather is generally sunny or partially cloudy. The wind is mild, averaging 5 km/h, south-west direction.

Radio Frequencies

The frequency band for aero-modelling in Czech Republic is the 35 MHz band: 35.000 - 35.220 MHz. All competitors that use equipment in the 35 MHz band are requested to have 2 frequencies available for use.

Commercially available 2,4 GHz radio control systems are permitted. These systems have to comply with the European Standard EN 300328.

The use of 2,4 GHz systems is highly recommend.

In case 2 or more competitors use the same frequency in the 35 MHz band, a transmitter impound will be organized for these competitors.

In Czech Republic, in the GHz band, only 2,4 GHz frequency is allowed.


Association of Modellers of Czech Republic
MAMBA AIR s.r.o dováží, kompletuje a uvádí do provozu vrtulníky CH-7 KOMPRESS již 15 let

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